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ScanCraft High Speed Book Scanner


ScanCraft High Speed Book Scanner

  • Dual Configuration Scanner for scanning books and documents.
  • Focus on non-destructive scanning of delicate & precious old books and documents
  • Ideal for scanning large number of print publications
  • Designed for scanning more than 1,00,000 pages/month

Publishing (Document Management System)

Webgenic eLibraryPlus Server

  • Create digital library from scanned publications
  • Create new digital self-publications and add to digital library
  • Multiple deployment options: On Premise or Cloud based deployment options


This solution can be effectively used in following types of digitization projects:

  • Scanning old books and documents for archiving
  • Scanning out-of-print old books for re-publishing as digital (and print) edition
  • Scanning manuscripts for preservation
  • Scanning newspapers for archival
  • Library digitization
  • Health records digitization in hospitals
  • Land record digitization
  • Documents digitization in banks
  • Documents digitization in insurance industry
  • Documents digitization for e-governance
  • Digitization of product/technical manuals
  • Create paperless office by digitization of office documents
  • And more ...

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ScanCraft: Demo Video

Please Note:

  • Sometimes, you may see colored bands on the scanner monitor in the video. These bands do not exist on the actual scanner monitor. These bands appears due to Moire interference when content of the computer monitor (or TV) is recorded and played back on another monitor.
  • For best viewing experience, select 480p or 720p as quality. Click on Settings () at the bottom of the player.

Demo1 and Demo2

Demo3 and Demo4